1. Princess Elizabeth had a romantic involvement with her stepfather, Sir Thomas Seymour.  Sir Thomas
      Seymour was the husband of Queen Katherine Parr (last wife of Henry VII). This is an acknowledged historical fact.
       This romance was the subject of the 1953 movie
Young Bess, starring Jeanne Simmons.

    2. Found In The Arms of Seymour  Princess Elizabeth Tudor was found in the arms of Thomas Seymour by Queen
    Katherine Parr.

    3. Exiled to an Abbey   Princess Elizabeth Tudor was sent to an abbey at Cheshunt in May 1548 and she remained
    there in seclusion until late September 1548.

    4. No Known Illness   Historians state that she was there because of illness, but no doctor is recorded as having
    visited her until October of the year.

    5. Midwife Reports   A midwife reports that she was taken to a household blindfolded and there she attended a young
    fair-haired woman, who gave birth by candlelight.  The son was born July 21, 1548.`

    6. John de Vere's Marriage   John de Vere's, 16th Earl of Oxford had banns of marriage announced. However, on
    August 1, 1548, he went to Belchamp and married a woman he never met before, Margery Golding.  She is the sister of
    Arthur Golding, who is employed by William Cecil.

    7.  William Cecil Appears   Princess Elizabeth writes a note to William Cecil calling him her “dear friend.”  William Cecil
    is a confidant of Queen Katherine Parr.

    8.  Does Not Visit Queen Katherine  Princess Elizabeth does not visit her step-mother, who gave birth on August 3,
    1548. Queen Katherine subsequently died from complications on September 15, 1548.  She did not visit her despite
    the fact that Princess Elizabeth was exceedingly close to Queen Katherine, referring to her as “mother.”

    9.  Legal Deposition  Kat Ashley and Thomas Parry gave depositions that Thomas Seymour did act toward Elizabeth
    with unseemly familiarity, including slapping her on the buttocks.

    10. Pregnancy Rumors  Princess Elizabeth writes in a letter that there are rumors in the countryside that she is
    pregnant and in the Tower. In fact, she is neither. However, she does not say that she was never pregnant.

    11. Baptismal Cup  The Privy Council authorized a baptismal cup as a gift to John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, April 7,
    1550. This acknowledges the existence of the child. This is false evidence planted by William Cecil.

    12. Queen Visits Oxford   When Elizabeth becomes Queen she visits Edward de Vere at Hedingham Castle, home of
    John De Vere. Later, she attends his graduation ceremonies at Cambridge and Oxford Universities when Oxford
    receives MA degrees.

    13. John de Vere Is Murdered  John de Vere signed a new will on July 28, 1562, and by the end of August 1562, he
    was dead. Edward de Vere becomes the seventh Earl of Oxford upon the death of his purported father.  Edward moves
    to London at lives in the household of William Cecil.

    14. Lawfully Dropped   In 1571, Parliament passes an Act of Treason and heirs to throne from Elizabeth are redefined
    from “laufully begotten” to “the naturall yssue of her Ma’j body.” There is no need to have such an act passed, unless
    Elizabeth had children.

    15. Oxford Marries Ann Cecil   William Cecil is raised to Lord Burghley by the Queen. Oxford marries his daughter on
    December 19, 1571 in Westminster Abbey. The Queen attends the marriage. William Cecil has a daughter who is in
    line to become Queen. Oxford says as Bertram, "I will wed her but not bed her."  He does not sleep with wife.

    17. Autobiography of Shakespeare The author known as “William Shakespeare” portrays himself autobiographically
    as a prince or a king, never as a grain merchant, or earl of the realm: Prince Hal, Prince Bertram, King Lear, Prospero
    and Hamlet.

    18. Hamlet Is Oxford's Family  Hamlet is autobiography: the Queen is the Queen, Claudius is Robert Dudley, Ophelia
    is Anne Cecil, Polonius is William Cecil and Hamlet is Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.
18 Reasons Why Oxford is the Son of Queen Elizabeth I
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