1548        Edward Tudor-Seymour born, son of Princess Elizabeth Tudor and Thomas Seymour
    1558        His foster father, John de Vere, officiates at Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. John de Vere lives at court, possibly brings Edward.
    1559        Oxford matriculates at Queen’s College, Cambridge.
    1561        Queen Elizabeth visits Hedingham.
    1562        John de Vere dies and Oxford’s foster mother marries soon thereafter.
    1562        Edward becomes 17th Earl and ward of Crown under William Cecil. Edward moves to London to live at William Cecil’s.
    1564        Oxford receives Masters from Cambridge University.
    1566        Oxford receives Masters from Oxford University.
    1567        Oxford kills Lord Burghley’s cook with sword.
    1567        Oxford admitted to Gray’s Inn for legal studies.
    1567        Metamorphoses published.

    1570        Oxford participates in military campaign with Earl of Sussex in North.
    1571        Oxford weds Anne Cecil, Dec. 19th, William Cecil’s daughter; Cecil raised to Baron Burghley.
    1572        Bartholomew Clerke’s translation into Latin of Il Cortegiano (The Courtier) published. Preface by Oxford.
    1573        Calvin’s version of the Psalms of David published by Arthur Golding with dedication to Oxford.
    1574        Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton, born to Oxford and Elizabeth.
    1574        Oxford flees to continent, quickly returns.
    1575        Oxford travels to Paris, Venice, Italy. Before he leaves, he makes arrangements leaving property to Horace Vere.
    1575        Daughter, Elizabeth Vere born to Anne Cecil.
    1576        Oxford returns to England; stripped of possession by pirates on his return voyage;
                   returns with young Italian male singer; later Oxford accused of homosexuality;
                   singer states Oxford speaks fluent Latin and Italian; Oxford implies Anne’s child, Elizabeth, is not his.
    1577        The Historie of Error performed at court. The first of many court plays.
    1578        Oxford singled out as “countenance shakes spears,” by Gabriel Harvey.
    1578        Oxford loses £3,000 in a sea venture to Michael Lok (hence, Lok is shy his debt to Oxford)
    1579        Quarrel over tennis court with Philip Sidney; question of duel, until Queen intercedes.
    1579        The Jew performed at Bull Theater.

    1581        Oxford has son, Edward, born to Anne Vavasor, both sent to the Tower; resumes living with his wife.
    1582        Wounded in duel with Thomas Knyvet; Knyvet is later knighted.
    1583        Reported in poverty with only three servants; buries newborn son.
    1584        Daughter Bridget is born.
    1585        Daughter Frances born; dies later at age 2 or 3.
    1585        Mary Queen of Scots tried and sentenced to death; Oxford sits at trial.
    1586        Granted £1,000 per year by Elizabeth I; funds from QE’s Privy Purse.
    1587        Susan Vere born. In 1605, she marries Philip Herbert (Earl of Montgomery), one of two nobles of dedication in First Folio.
    1588        Spanish Armada.
    1588        Wife Anne dies.
    1588        Robert Dudley (Earl of Leicester) dies.

    1591        Marries Elizabeth Trentham, moves to Kings Place, Hackney. Drops from court life.
    1593        Venus and Adonis dedication to the 3rd Earl of Southampton with first appearance in England of “William Shakespeare” name.
    1593        Oxford’s wife Elizabeth Trentham gives birth to a son, Henry.
    1594        Henry V, Pt. 2 published, without naming author; begins a series of plays published anonymously.
    1594        Rape of Lucrece under name of “William Shakespeare” dedicated to 3rd Earl of Southampton.
    1598        First plays with name “Shake-speare” Henry IV, Pt. 1
    1599        Robert Devereux, (Earl of Essex) leads campaign against Irish rebels, with him is Henry Wriothesley (3rd Earl of Southampton).
    1601        Robert Devereux, (Earl of Essex) leads abortive revolt and is beheaded;
                  Henry Wriothesley (3rd Earl of Southampton) sent to Tower for life.

    1603        Queen Elizabeth dies. James ascends throne; Southampton released.
    1604        Oxford disappears under mysterious circumstances; no will found.
                  Oxford exiled to Isle of Mersea; write Shakes-peares Sonnets, The Tempest and creates King James Bible
    1608        First mention of Oxford being deceased.
    1609        SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS is published
    1616        William Shakspere dies in Stratford-upon-Avon.
    1623        Meeting of James I, Horace Vere, Southampton, Philip and Henry Herbert on Southampton’s boat The Prince.
    1623        First Folio is published.
Biography of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford